One on One Consulting:


Fast & Targeted Work for

Fast & Targeted Growth


Let's have a heart-to-heart.


One-on-one work means 

I get to deeply know and help you with:

Your Needs

Your Challenges

Your Strengths

Your Marketing.


Marketing Intensive

One hour.

You and me.

Change the whole trajectory of your business

and your income this year.


We'll go piece by piece through your website, your PT profile, or any marketing that's not delivering the way you want. 


I'll give clear-as-day instructions

for exactly how to fix what's not working.


You'll get the meeting recording,

specific directions on what needs to change,

all my best tools and recommendations,

and a rush of new confidence

when that phone starts ringing!


This one session can change your whole business.


  • Your Copy

    Great copy attracts your perfect clients. Get yours on point with our complete review.

  • Your Niche

    Are you clear on your niche(s)? Are you speaking to them in their language? What pain points have you missed?

  • Your Messaging

    Have you identified the possible client fears and hesitations you're blind to? I'll help.

  • Your PT Profile

    Does your directory listing immediately convey who you are and whom you help? Let's fix it.

  • Your Branding

    How's your logo? What do your colors convey? How can you create beautiful branding you love...for free?

  • Your Blogs

    Blogs can be a waste of time or a serious marketing tool. I'm guessing you want yours to be the latter. 


You + Me,

Live on Zoom


Refer Back



Know the Exact Next Steps


Get That Phone


After you sign up at the button below, you'll be taken immediately to my calendar to book your session.

  • 60m Live Meeting

  • Recorded for you

  • Clear & Impactful


One-time payment

Melanie Taylor, LPC

Group Practice Owner and Coach

Wins since investing in myself and my business: 

  1. New awesome website and PT profile attracting great clients.
  2. I can see the bigger picture outside my therapy office.
  3. I am in this amazing group going through some of the same things I am.
  4. My income has freaking doubled!
  5. I met Katie and her influence on me has me wanting to have this same influence on therapists leaving agencies for PP
  6. I find myself more confident in other areas of LIFE, not just business.
  7. I'm starting to LOVE where my life is going, and that feels just awesome!

Melissa Harrison, LMFT

Therapist and Coach

Katie is seriously the best!!! I lurked on her free stuff for a few months, put her tips in action, and my therapy practice exploded with my ideal clients! Who pay my full fee! Yay!

All her free stuff went so well that I decided to *gasp* PAY for her course. The fact that I would put down my hard-earned money speaks highly of Katie and how much I trust her wisdom. All I can say it, it's been totally worth it! Katie has that special way of making me want to actually listen and DO it, not just sit around and read about it. Her support and encouragement has helped keep me from procrastinating by reading all-the-things and actually do what WORKS. Thanks Katie!!!!

Your Practice.



Clinician to Coach

One-on-One Program

You're ready for more.

You know it. I know it.


More income.

More freedom.

More impact. 


You're ready to add coaching, consulting, or online courses...but you know you need 1:1 support around the clock to truly push you over the finish line.


In CTC One-on-One, we work through the Clinician to Coach course together. You get the entire course, PLUS:


  • Three 45-minute sessions with me
  • 24/7 Voxer access for questions
  • My feedback on your ideas, your marketing, and your whole growing business for three straight months.


This program is for action-takers who truly want to launch a new stream of income and make it wildly successful

in the next three months. 


Are you ready for a bigger life?



When You're Serious About

Growing Bigger,

and Need a

Serious Partner by Your Side


If you're ready to add

Coaching, Consulting, or Online Courses

and you want a professional Coach

(and dedicated Cheerleader)

in your pocket...

...then we should talk.

24/7 Support

Nope, Not Kidding

I use Voxer, a free walkie-talkie app. You can Vox me with questions anytime, and I respond to 99% of my messages within a few hours. 



I progress with you through my Clinician to Coach program, expanding where needed to meet your exact needs and help you launch quickly. 

1:1 Sessions

Three 45m sessions

Over the course of 3 months we'll meet 3x. I'll answer your Q's, direct your marketing, and help you get max success as you launch your new biz!

Full Course


You get every single benefit of the Clinician to Coach program PLUS me taking you through it step-by-step and lifetime access to the course materials!

Because I work very closely with coaching clients, I want to make sure we're a perfect fit.

Click the button to fill out a brief application.

If we seem like a great match, I'll schedule a call to learn more about your goals!

Alyssa Palty, LPC

Therapist and Coach

"Life-Changing" gets thrown around a lot so I refuse to use that damn cliche, but I'm also not sure what's more fitting. I've been learning more than my brain can hold about how to improve my business but also MYSELF. I was a hesitant fence-sitter-turned-TSwift-style-fan-girl-for-life. My mental health and my business are flourishing in so many exciting ways and I'm so grateful for Katie's never-ceasing compassion. I'd like to bottle her up and keep her for every moment I need some help. Oh, hey, magical Voxer app that's freaking genius. Seriously, thank you. 

Susan Hagen, LCSW


I just wanted to say thank you. I'm so so grateful to have had this. You have given us so many awesome, tangible skills and tools to implement right away. I feel like that's sometimes a struggle with trainings: you get a lot of great ideas but not necessarily the nitty-gritty how-to and you have TOTALLY come through on that. I don't normally consider myself a dreamer but I'm totally getting excited about some of the ideas brewing and generating in my head! The combination of the dreaming and the doing has been awesome. I know that you put so much time and effort and energy into this group and I totally appreciate it and getting to know you! I will recommend you to everyone!

Katie Read, LLC

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