Meet Your New Coach

Hi, I'm Katie Read,

and I have some unpopular opinions.

  • I believe our therapist training can make us WORSE at marketing.

    We've written so many scholarly papers that we've forgotten how to write and speak simply and clearly about our client's struggles.

  • I believe coaching and consulting are going to become far more popular than therapy.

    Trust me, as a therapist this one can be hard for me, and therapy will always be necessary certain points in a person's life. But mark my words...more and more people will turn to coaches and consultants.

  • I believe trained therapists are the perfect people to raise the bar on the coaching and consulting worlds.

    And yes, this is why I'm passionate about you adding coaching and consulting to the services you offer...and you becoming wildly successful at it.

How Should You Pick

a Coach or Instructor?


Honestly, it all comes down to energy.


Watch two minutes of a video below and you decide.


Your intuitive sense of who I am 

is far more meaningful than me listing my accomplishments!

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